Request An Investigation 

If you believe you are experiencing paranormal phenomenon and would like to request an investigation, you can contact us at the e-mail below. Please include the following:
  • Your Name 
  • Your email address
  • Phone Number
  • Time that you can be reached
  • Address of location
  • Reason why you want us to investigate this location.  Try to give us as much information as possible; who was present, what was experienced, and the time it happened?
  • Give the history of the location, include year built, owner, previous owners, and any noted events that may have occurred at this location. 
  • Start keeping a log or journal of any activity that you may encounter. We can use this journal for several purposes and will go a long way to further any investigation efforts. 

If you would like to request an investigation, please send an investigation request to:

 Areas We Cover 

We cover all of Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio.  We will travel outside of our area, depending on case and available personnel. If you are out of our area and we can not assist you we will contact a team in your area to further assist you.  We do not charge for our services.  

What To Expect 

A Paranormal Investigation is similar to the process of forensic science.  Essential characteristics of a Paranormal Investigation require a cautious approach backed up by scientific methodology. 

All  Keystone Paranormal investigations are conducted in a professional, confidential and ethical manner. During investigations, Keystone Paranormal uses several types of recording devices and other equipment to determine the cause of any disturbance.  Keystone Paranormal will not publish any identifying evidence collected during an investigation without prior written consent from the client.  In some situations Keystone Paranormal may need to call upon another group for assistance. In such an instance, Keystone Paranormal  will only use groups that we have worked with personally or another paranormal team we have researched thoroughly. Keystone Paranormal  feels that this is the best way to provide assistance to those in need.

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